Tatting Tea Tuesday at home again

We are back home again after a wonderful vacation. I wouldn't have minded if it had lasted a little longer! We had a great time with our family and look forward to doing something like this again.

As the picture from last week showed, I've been working on a new doily. It started with a doodle and just kept growing. It's made in DMC Cebelia size 30 ecru with two shuttles. This is it so far; it's six inches across from point to point. I'm not sure about the last round. Does it look like it's finished? Does it need another round? Is this round how I want it to be?

The local county fair is at the end of the week. I was thinking about entering something but with our vacation I haven't gotten anything ready. The fair book actually came in the mail the day we left! Not a lot of time to decide on what I could enter. There is only one tatting category - pillowcases - but there are a few other categories that I could enter tatting in. "Tea towels (set of 4 or more) - Miscellaneous"; "Doilies - Miscellaneous"; and "Household - Miscellaneous". Well, obviously I don't have time to make four tea towels or a pillowcase (sewing the tatting to the case would take me forever!). I have this doily that might (!) be done. And I might be able to come up with something for the household category (napkin rings? decorated candle holder?). Whatever I decide I have to make up my mind by Thursday afternoon. I'll let you know what I decided next week.

And now for the vacation! Okay, one picture - or maybe
two. Our first destination was Nashville, TN. Our SIL really wanted to stop here and all of us thought it would be fun. We spent the morning in the Country Music Hall of Fame. So this is me, with shuttles in hand, in the entry hall. This is after we went through the museum and, obviously, after we had gone to the souvenir shop ; )
Mostly my husband and I bought gifts for family but I did find a little something for myself. I did leave home with the glass case for carrying a working project in but I had couple of shuttles to use for my 'documentary' pictures. I didn't want to mess up on a nice project just for pictures! So I thought this little change purse would work great with this in mind.

This worked great! There was nothing to fall out unexpectedly and I knew exactly what I'd get when I reached inside. And I have a little something to keep small take-along projects in that will always remind me of our 2010 family vacation.

There will be more vacation pictures next week. And the results of my decision of what, if anything, I take to the fair.

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