Tatting Tea Tuesday May 18, 2010

This Tatting Tea Tuesday finds the doily not done yet but progress is being made, the third round is well on it's way to being done. The red chain of the second round did not look quite right so it was removed (before it got too far) and it is now all in the Western Sunset. No picture today but done or not done I'll try for one by next week.

A high school graduation snuck up on me without me getting anything done for it. So there was a break in working on the doily to work on a pendant for the graduate.

This is basically the same pendant I've made before with a couple of minor adjustments for the cross and using a jump ring instead of ribbon through the top ring. The beads are glass silver beads and they are very shiny! It made it hard to get a good picture. Originally there was going to be silver thread in with the blue, but that didn't happen as you can see. Maybe for another time. This is made in Manuela size 20 in color 019; the beads are 10/0 glass. The cross was something I picked up at Wal-mart because it looked like it would be good for something like this.

Another niece is getting promoted from eighth grade to high school tonight - they didn't tell me until Sunday! - which we will have to miss due to having to go to work. I haven't decided if she gets a pendant, too, or if it will be a phone fob or something like that. As it has to be mailed and is already late a little extra time getting it just right is important. One way or another it's to go out in the mail today or tomorrow at the latest.

Enjoy some tea and take time for a little tatting!

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