Another pendant

I made another pendant, this one for me. My Mother's day gift to me. It's actually the same
pattern as the others but I made a mistake. It turned out okay, just gave it a little different look. I like this look, too, but I need to change the bead count on the inside ring. Oh, well, it's mine so if I think there's a mistake no-one else has to know, right? (You won't tell, will you?)

My latest tatting is just a doodle; I'm not sure it's going anywhere. I was waiting on my husband with my tatting bag in hand, nothing started and none of the patterns I was planning on next with me, but I started anyway. If it looks interesting at all, I'll share it with you later.

Wishing all of you a very happy Mother's Day this Sunday. I know we're one of the few countries that have a designated day to celebrate mothers, but where ever you are, celebrate anyway, even if you are the only one who knows what you're celebrating! Take time for yourself and treat yourself to a little chocolate and maybe some tatting. : )

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