Tatting Tea Tuesday after a stormy Monday

It was a wild night last night. There were storms all over Kansas and Oklahoma and a lot of tornadoes came out of them. There are reports of 21 tornadoes between the two states last night. We were fortunate here in Wichita as we didn't have any tornadoes, but there were a couple that weren't that far away. There was a tornado warning in Wichita - imminent threat of a tornado - so the plant was sent to the storm shelters. I know my daughter and her family went to the basement. It calmed down here after that but the storms kept moving east and causing damage. I was very glad to see the night over.

Today is a much nicer day here. There will be a lot of people out today checking out the damage and making determination on how strong the tornadoes were yesterday. I hear that the storms are moving east with lots of dangerous potential. I feel for all those people that may have to go through that kind of storms.

Now, on to a much lighter subject. I'm not getting much tatting done yet today, though I might have a chance later. But I've been going through a few things - trying to organize (hahahaha!) -and came upon a doily I made years ago. You might have seen it in this post.

I'm trying to figure out if I wrote the pattern down for this. So far, I haven't had any luck finding anything. So I thought I'd start over and count stitches and get this written out so I can make another one. I've got so many more beautiful threads today than I did then. I think this could look pretty cool in colors. Now if I can just get down on paper what I put together in thread!

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