Home again, home again, jiggety jig - with butterflies and snow

We made it home at last, in time for Tatting Tea Tuesday. I say it that way because who doesn't sleep better in their own bed? I had a wonderful time in Washington, DC and loved the visit with my daughter and her family. Though I didn't get to see a lot of the sights of the area - at least up close and personal - it was an enjoyable vacation, too. But it is nice to be home again.

For the last two weeks the tatting I've gotten done has been in a limited number of colors because I didn't take a large variety of thread. I really didn't anticipate getting a lot done. Which I didn't. What I did get done was simple patterns that I didn't have to concentrate on too much. Between taking care of the grandson (ooh, so sweet!) and meeting new people (daughters' in-laws), seeing the area, and then the long trip home, my mind wasn't into thinking hard. So what has been posted and these few butterflies and the heart are the entire amount of tatting I've done in two weeks.

The heart is again Tracy's Heart by Heather, done in Lizbeth thread size 20 black and Victorian Red. I used two shuttles and adjusted the pattern just a little so the bottom ring was in black instead of red.

The butterflies are based on a pattern by Monica Mancenido, aka soyloquesoy, found on Intatters. It's a simple little butterfly with a simple little stitch count. I decided to make it, but wasn't on-line and hadn't really checked the stitch count. So what I got are the butterflies you see. The one top left is the closest to her original pattern - not quite, but close - and then the top right with a lot of picots on the outside. The two bottom ones I added the thrown off ring for a head as well as more picots. They are all done in Falling Leaves Lizbeth size 20. Another cute way to use the last of the thread on a shuttle.

I'm enjoying a nice cup of hot tea today (mint), much needed as the weather is pretty chilly. The thermometer says it's 39 degrees F but it's gray and cold-looking outside. The last few days in Washington were wet with the tail end of Ida causing lots of rain but they are now enjoying nice, sunny weather. We come home to snow flurries and rain. Ahh *sipping tea* but it is nice to be home, no matter the weather.

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