Tea and Tatting again

Well, it's Tatting Tea Tuesday again. I made up a cup of tea and sat back to tat.
Today I'm working on coasters for my daughter's birthday. She chose two colors and I'm trying to decide if I can use them together, or should just use one or the other. The tatting is going to be attached to denim from old jeans.
She chose this Lizbeth thread in green variegated and antique red in size 20. I like them both,
I just don't know if I like them both together. Make it all in the green, all in the red, or together?

I think the pattern will work. If I leave it like this it will be about 4 inches (about 10cm) across. I'm planning on making four to six of them - it will depend on how many I get done by her birthday!

Now, if I can just make up my mind how I want to do the colors....

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