Parade and Car Show

Saturday was our town's yearly celebration of Black Kettle Day. It's named after the creek that runs through town, which is named after an Indian Chief of the area when the town was settled over a hundred years ago. They have a parade down the main street and then festivities at Black Kettle Park, such as a dog show and a car show. They also have plane rides at the airport and food vendors in several different locations. It's not a large parade and this year was pretty small. In fact, I didn't know this was the weekend for it until Wednesday - not very well promoted this year. But I took my mom and dad to the parade, where we met my sister and her son and family. We sat in the shade and watched the participants pass by. Most of the spectators were on the same side of the street we were because of the shade, it was a warm day.

I thought I'd share a few shots of the day.

The flag... The high school band ...

A bicycle built for six and a passenger. (This took lots of practice)...

and a toy horse.

And there were a few cars...

The purple one can be seen around the area frequently, he drives it a lot when the weather is nice.
I didn't get to stay long because I had to go to work later. And I definitely got my workout for the day - I had to push my dad in a wheel chair that is NOT made for off-road. There were several very nice men that helped out when we had a little trouble, going through the ditch and in a few rough places. I think my dad really enjoyed getting to see the cars. He hasn't been able to get out like this for a while.
I wish I could have stayed longer, I really wanted to see the dog show. It was a very nice day.
I actually have tatting I want to share but I haven't taken the pictures yet. Some of the pieces I like, some I don't, but having made them I'll probably share the good and the bad.