Who's next?

This hasn't been a good week at all! My mother went to the hospital last Sunday and got out Tuesday, my husband's mother went to the hospital Tuesday and is still there, and then my dad was admitted to the hospital early this morning. I'm hoping that three is enough and that no-one else has to be hospitalized. Enough already!

None of them has turned out to be serious, which is a good thing in all of this. But it makes life very interesting to try and get to everyone and keep up with how they're doing. And my husband and I are working nine hours days five days a week and eight hours both Saturday and Sunday. Somewhere in all of this I think I need a nap!

Before all of this came about I did get a little tatting done. I went to a meeting of Hook Yarn and Needle/Fiber Options a week ago. It is through the county extension office and meets once a month. They were doing some needle tatting but I took my shuttles and made "Heart's Desire" in DMC variegated blue size 8 Pearle. For doing this completely in the midst of several conversations and distractions, I think it turned out very well. I'm counting it as #15 of the 25 Motif Challenge.

They asked me if I'd like to show them how to shuttle tat next month. I agreed, but I'm thinking I will need to give them contact information in case any of them are really interested: the group takes a three month break in the summer! I'm willing to meet with them individually or in a small group elsewhere to help any that want to really learn. I'm planning on making a handout with Internet addresses so they have incentives and support if they want it. I'm also thinking of putting together a DVD of me tatting, both chain and ring. We'll see if I have time to do this between hospital visits!

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