Decorated shoes

My nephew is the proud daddy of a new baby girl. Today we had a baby shower for her, which is nice that we all got to see the new baby. These are the shoes I decorated for her. The one on the right is what they looked like when I bought them. The other, is of course, what they looked like when I was done.

Which do you think looks better?

Both of my daughters and their babies were there and helped me host the shower. It was a very nice day, lots of conversation and all the babies got passed around. We had it at the local activity center so some husbands came along and were able to play pool and socialize as well.

My husband had to go to work before it was over (I would have, too, except I made arrangements for someone to work for me!) so our daughters, the babies and I had a great afternoon together and then supper out. My oldest had to leave a little quicker than planned because the weather started getting bad. Nothing severe but she - nor I - wanted her to drive in it.

For my next project I'm looking for a nice bookmark pattern. InTatters is having a bookmark exchange in May. I have never done an exchange before, but I think I can handle a bookmark. And then there is the thread choice, maybe harder than the pattern, because of course it has to be just right for the pattern. But that's part of the fun, isn't it?

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