Lost and found motif #14

Last week I made this motif using a cabone ring in the center. I showed it to my husband and he liked it, too. As it was late we went to bed and the next morning when I got up I couldn't find it!

We looked all over the house and couldn't find it. I looked through all my tatting things, in my chair, on the table, on the floor. My husband looked all over and it just wasn't anywhere! We even looked to see if one of the cats had decided to play with it and dragged it off. No luck.

Friday we went to Nebraska to see our daughter and her family. We had a nice visit with them and came home late Saturday. I sat down in my chair, looked down, and there it was! Just laying there on the floor! How it could be there I don't know.

But it was found, oh boy! I hadn't even jotted down the pattern or taken a picture or scan of it. I was quite relieved. So I can finally post a picture of my motif #14 for the 25 Motif Challenge. I blame this on Krystledawne because I saw her earrings and thought it would be fun to try something with a ring in the middle.

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