Wall art part 2

So this is how I added a little more art to my wall. The doily and shuttle picture is to the left of these shuttles and snowflakes.
The backgrounds for all of these are unfinished wood pieces from Hobby Lobby covered with silk material that matches the colors in my livingroom curtains. The shuttles are sitting on a ribbon that is glued on the back of the wood only.

The top shuttle is an old plastic shuttle that I picked up at an antique shop about 10 years ago. The points are in bad shape and not really usable to tat with.
The middle shuttle is wood from a place in Washington state called Blue Bird shuttles, I think. It was the first shuttle
I bought other than Susan Bates plastic or Clover shuttles 15 (?) years ago. I'm not that fond of tatting with it because the pick is a little thicker than I like (and I see it's sitting a little looser than the others, I'll have to fix that).
The bottom one is a buffalo horn shuttle picked up at a sewing/craft shop in Lawrence, KS about 1999. It's very slick and likes to slip out of my hands when tatting.
The way they are mounted I could get them down easily if I wanted to use them.

The snowflakes are glued to the material. They were on the Christmas tree this year.
The top two are my designs, both several years old.
The bottom one I'm sure is a pattern I found in a book, but I don't remember where. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know so I can give credit to the designer.
(Editor's Note 1/17/09: Kathy Niklewicz, a sharp-eyed tatter, recognized that this motif came from 'The Complete Book of Tatting' by Rebecca Jones. Thanks Kathy!)

The picture with these pieces make a nice grouping of mixed media. What do you think?

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