I made it to the New Year!

Well, I survived the holidays. I made it through multiple family get-togethers, family dinners and a baby shower with minimal stress and fuss. Actually, I think everything went smooth and we all had a great time. My youngest daughter was able to come down from Omaha with the baby on the 23rd, a few days earlier than expected, though her husband had to work so couldn't come.

For Christmas day I invited my parents and two of my aunts to dinner. I kept it very simple - we had soup and just a few sides. It made for very little stress when fixing the meal as the soup cooked in the crock pot over night and everyone brought something to go with it. Instead of spending all my time cooking I decided to use real dishes (instead of paper, the usual) and set a pretty table - which is usually the last thing I worry about. I also put a tatted snowflake by everyone's setting for a small gift. I made several of Micheal's quick snowflakes as I was running out of time and they tat up so nicely. The result was simple but very much in the season. We sat around and visited for hours, a very nice day indeed.

As for the new year, I don't have any resolutions, but I do have a long to-do list. I have actually printed it out and put it on the refrigerator so that I can mark off each project as it gets done, and also so I don't lose site of what needs to get done. It also will make it easy to see at the end of the year what I succeeding in finishing and what I didn't.

Wishing all of you success in all the things that you want to do in 2009.

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