I'm a grandma again!

My second grandson, Hunter, was born Wednesday afternoon at 2:44. Finally! He wasn't late but he gave us several false alarms. My daughter was induced yesterday morning and had him a lot sooner than I expected. He was one of 38 babies delivered a the hospital on the 21st! My daughter's nurse said this is the fullest she's seen the nursery floor.

They are supposed to go home this evening yet. Good thing his daddy is going to be home for the first week or two. And I'm going to be available also, as she is only about an hour away from me. So I'm taking a week's vacation so that I can be available if she needs some help, or just someone to talk to.

My other daughter came down from Omaha with her two month-old baby to be here for the birth and they have been staying with us. The cousins have been introduced to each other, though neither one seems to care much right now. It's amazing to see how big the two month old looks compared to the newborn!

I have several pieces of tatting I'll be posting in a day or two, but emailing baby pictures are a little more important right now!

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