Random tatting

The zipper pulls on my purse are wearing out.  The purse has fake leather pulls which last okay, but the material that actually attaches to the zipper do not.  As these pulls are used a lot something needed to be done.

The plan was to get black grosgrain ribbon to go on the ring and tat around that.  The problem was there was no black grosgrain ribbon to be found anywhere in the stores I was able to check, including Hobby Lobby.  There were spaces on the shelves where this ribbon usually is but every place was out of the black.  There were a lot of other colors but of course nothing that matched or coordinated with my purse.

Except white.

White ended up the only other choice.  All the thread colors worked okay with it, but I think the black would have been better.

The pull is longer than the original, but that isn't a problem.  The tatting is doubled so it looks the same on both sides, so no matter if the purse is open or closed the pulls hang with the tatting visible.

Thanks to Marilee Rockley for tatting only partway around a do-dad.  I don't know why I never thought of that.  I wanted a pair of earrings to go with a blouse but didn't have a lot of time to make them. I was inspired to make these even though I would have liked to add beads as well.  When I'm in a hurry beads are not a good idea.  Check out Marilee's cute little earrings on her blog,  they are very pretty.

I've just finished tatting the center for my Craftree Round Robin doily.  After several starts at tatting it I finally did it without mistakes.  Now I need to write out the pattern and get everything sent off in the mail.  I think I'm the last one in the group to get their center done.  I'm looking forward to seeing every one's doilies. 

I've also been working on an edging but have gotten frustrated with it.  One of the colors keeps twisting so bad the rings are hard to close.  Yes, Fox, it is Lizbeth thread.  It's only one of the balls but that is more than enough!  I'm going to try to finish anyway as the thread colors go well with the material.  Wish me luck :-)

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