Putting them all together.

Don't ya just hate it when you know what pattern you want to make but can't find where you put it?
I have that problem especially when I print patterns from the computer.  That one or two pieces of paper are fine for a while then they just disappear!  I think there is a secret place somewhere in my house where loose patterns go to party and I'm not invited.

This even happens with my own patterns.  I have written out and shared patterns here on my blog plus I have some that I've not finished writing out or diagramming yet and once in awhile I actually want to tat them again.  I go looking for those printed sheets and can't find them anywhere (I think I hear them snickering at me as I search for them.) Yes, I could just reprint them but I hate to do that when I know I have them printed somewhere!

I started thinking that if they were all together in a folder or notebook that they would be harder to lose.  Think about it, it wouldn't be as easy for them to slip between the seat cushions or fall behind the end table, or find other ways to sneak off to their private little party.

I began by printing off the patterns I've posted here - they are the most complete.

Putting all my tatting patterns together in one place wandasknottythoughts

I printed them in booklet form, reducing the patterns from the original size of 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper to be half that size.  A few of them ended up being on two pages but most worked okay on one side.  The print is a bit smaller of course, but mostly can still be read easily.  The finished size of 5 1/2" by 8 1/2" makes it a nice size to take with me if I want - this size will fit in my purse.

Putting all my tatting patterns together in one place 2 wandasknottythoughts

I did not make any changes to the way the patterns show on-line except for the size.  Each one still has their own definitions instead of one page at the start of the booklet.  The pictures are still the same.  I printed on both sides of the paper.

This has given me a lot of respect to anyone who self-publishes, whether it's patterns or any other type of book.  This was quite a bit of work - trying to get patterns with two pages to face each other instead of back-to-back, putting them in the order I want, and trying not to miss any.  They are mostly in alphabetical order except for a couple that needed to be on facing pages which caused them to be a little out of order.

As I finish up new patterns I will probably just put them in new booklet instead of trying to add to this one.  Having done this one I have some ideas on how I would do it differently the next time.

This was a fun exercise.  And maybe these will now be a bit harder to lose. They will just have to miss the party, ha!

"I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done."
Steven Wright

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