International Tatting Day 2015

Tatting for International Tatting Day 2015

Plans for today:
Tat for enjoyment
Wear tatting
Eat chocolate!

Check out this cute little poem by muskaan.  This describes me, how about you?

‘Coz We Are Tatters

The room is all a-clutter
The family a-grumble, a-mutter,
But my heart is still a-flutter,
Stashing more thread is all that matters
‘Coz I am a tatter.

“That money’s for food!”
Oh, honey, I’m sure we’re good.
Need a new shuttle in wood
Diversifying my collection is all that matters
‘Coz I am a tatter.

There’s a new book online
Well I mayn’t tat a design
But that book has to be mine
Stocking my library is all that matters
‘Coz, peeps, I am very much a tatter!
                                (muskaan, March 2015) 

Make lace, not war :-D

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