Happy on the edge

Yes, after taking a break and working on other things I'm happily back to working on edgings.  One day very soon I'm going to have to start attaching them to the material part of the runners, but I'm so much happier tatting them than sewing them down!

'Finn' © Wanda Salmans 2015
'Finn' was made with DMC #437 Tan LT in size 10 (it always looks more gold to me than tan).

The pattern is actually one I came up with a few years ago to edge a Christmas stocking I made for an Advent gift exchange. I changed it up only by adding another row to make it a deeper edging.

I posted about this here for a December 2010 Advent swap

The stocking edging was made in white size 20.  I liked it but never jotted it down anywhere because I was in a hurry getting things made for Christmas.  I thought of this pattern a week or so ago and decided to try it again.  Yes, I plan on writing out the pattern but, no, I haven't yet.

I'm actually pretty happy with myself lately.  I've actually been using patterns I already have instead of starting from scratch on new designs every time.  Not that I haven't made changes to about every one of them in some manner or another, but I've based them on patterns that already existed.  I say happy in that designing from scratch usually takes more time than using one that's already been done, and I really need to put the time into the tatting instead of the designing.  Now if a pattern just comes to mind that's great and I go with it, but right now I just need to get some edgings done.

But I really need to start sewing them down soon. Happiness is a finished table runner!

"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present."
Jim Rohn

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