Not much done

I haven't gotten much done on either the triangle doily or the horse picture.  I've thought about them a bit, more the horse than the triangles, but no progress on either.  The doily still taunts me from the blocking board where I've been ignoring it.  The horse has been teasing me from several possible backgrounds to give it a pasture to run in.  I've played around with tatted flowers and birds, bunnies and grass, background colors and frame sizes, and still haven't made up my mind.

We've finally been making progress on a house project that's been put off for a long time, which is now taking up some (okay, a lot) of my time.  I think most of my creative thoughts have been funneled into this instead of my tatting.  Instead of trying to come up with ideas for the doily or the horse I worked on my vest Sunday night.  I'm at a place in it where I'm just repeating the same thing over and over for a while so I didn't have to think much.  It was very relaxing.

This is a doily I gave to my mother several years ago.  I noticed that as it aged it looked like it was stained.  I brought it back home and washed it.  It now looks good as new.

A cup of tea
A ball of thread
A shuttle close to hand
A little time
A plan in mind
A tatter's wonderland

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