It's a Plane!

I've been trying to post about this airplane for the last several weeks.
First I had trouble with my computer so I couldn't work on the pattern.  
Then I thought I was ready and lost the tatted airplane without a picture of it.  So I tatted another one and in the process found I hadn't saved the most recent changes of the pattern (I think the computer ate it).  
Today I finally get a picture of the new airplane - and the computer won't let me download it.

After a bit of fussing and worrying I tried out a feature of our camera that we hadn't attempted before - transferring the picture from the camera to my phone.  Have you seen the commercials for the Samsung Galaxy phones where two people hold their phones close together and the picture/file is transferred?  Just like that, except from our Samsung camera to my Samsung Galaxy III phone.  Then from my phone to my Google+ and the picture is accessible from anywhere I can get to the Internet.  Pretty cool!
Airplane @ Wanda Salmans 2014

This airplane is made of Lizbeth thread # 605 Silver in size 20.  Unfortunately the pattern isn't up yet.  I still have to go back and fix a few things.  If things go a bit smoother tomorrow it will be up in the afternoon (I hope) but if not, then in a few days I will try to put it on my Pattern tab.

Triangle update
I've gotten a little bit done on the triangles.  All the white center motifs are done and I've started adding them to the middles.  The one on the left below has tatted chains instead of the bare thread.  The center was added last just like before except this time I went all the way around with the bare thread and caught all the picots of the triangle as well as the long stitches in the corners, then went around a second time using the needle as my shuttle and doing direct tatting (un-flipped stitches) on the bare thread.  I don't like this very much: it wasn't fun to make and it didn't end up very round.

Independence Day is this Friday and I actually get the whole weekend off!  This doesn't mean I'll have a lot of time for tatting but I plan to get a little in one way or the other. 

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it."
Henry Ford

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