Things to do when it's cold outside

Like a lot of the mid-west it's been mighty cold here this last weekend.  I didn't even leave the house Saturday or Sunday.  I wouldn't have Monday, either, except I had to go to work.  So what does one do for two and a half days of staying inside?

Well, getting some tatting done, for one thing.  Not as much as I could have, but some anyway.
I'm revisiting a motif I made back in October, deciding if I want to write down the pattern or not. I made a bit of a change in the outside round, not sure if it made it better or worse.  It's made with Lizbeth #670 Victorian Red in size 20.

On Monday I started on Jane's new TIAS.
I've started mine in Lizbeth #130 Island Breeze in size 20.  It's only day one so there is little hope of guessing what it will be yet.  It's fun seeing all the people who have joined.  If you haven't yet but would like to try it, it's never to late to start.

Then of course there is the usual things that can't be ignored - you know, the everyday things that have to be done: cooking, a bit of cleaning, laundry (you've heard that "no laundry today, naked tomorrow? It can be true).

I was actually slow getting to my tatting. I had a big distraction: a new book.  While grocery shopping Friday I found one I just had to buy.  I admit I haven't bought or read many books lately for several reasons:

1.  When I start reading I have a hard time putting the book down until I'm done with it. And maybe re-read a few favorite spots...
2. I have decided I should try to only pick up books by favorite authors due to reason #1.
3. I have a lot of tatting and craft projects I want to do and can't if I'm in the middle of a book (refer to reason #1).
4.  We have some remodeling that has to be done, which I can't do while in the middle of a book (refer to reason #1).
5.  Like it or not cooking, cleaning, washing, etc, and going to work are necessary evils, which I can't do while in the middle of a book (refer to reason #1). 
6.  The room we have to remodel has most of my books in it and we have to move them all to work on the room.  There seems to be a lot of books...

So, at the store Friday I found a anthology edited by one of my favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey :-) 

And yes, I ignored 'most everything else until I had finished it! **unrepentant grin**
There are several stories in here that can stand alone but are continuations of other stories from "Elemental Magic", another book of short stories,which was probably the last book I purchased.  I haven't really gotten into Mercedes' 'Elemental' series (refer to reason #1) but I enjoyed these a lot.  And it looks like her story in this book is the introduction of her next full length novel ("Red as Blood" coming 2014).   

Even though I love having an actual book in my hand I need to see how many of her books are in audio books, then maybe I can get other things done while 'reading'!!

"The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp.  The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story."
Ursula K. Le Guin

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