Star motif again

Still working on the star motif.  This time I've made it in Lizbeth #159 Easter Eggs and #638 Christmas Green in size 20.

Making it with contrasting colors really brings out the pattern, showing which shuttle was used where.  It changes its look quite a bit from using the same thread throughout. I've also made a bit of a change in the last round - again - trying to decide just how I want it. Not sure about this version, either. 

The TIAS has reached Day 3. Now I'm waiting somewhat impatiently for Day 4!  I haven't counted how many people have joined this year but it looks like quite a few.  It's fun to be tatting with other tatters from all over the world, isn't it?  Just seeing everyone's version of the TIAS and reading their comments enhances the enjoyment of being a part of this adventure.  Thank you, Jane!

"A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind."
Eugene Ionesco

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