Flurry in a hurry

Yes, time is running out for Christmas snowflakes so I had to hurry to get some done if I wanted them to arrive before the big day. Which meant a smaller, easy snowflake that didn't take much time.

There are two here that have 'mistakes' or at least unintentional differences.  The top one, that's not really a snowflake, was the first.  I miscounted the chains, making it too tight to go around the doodad without cupping.  No problem, I just modified part of it and made it more like a bell than a snowflake.  The other one has picots on the short chains instead of Josephine knots - I started it without the 2nd shuttle.  Instead of doing the shoe-lace trick I just made picots instead.  It changed the look a bit, but still okay.

All are made with size 20 Lizbeth white.  The finished size is less than the length of a clover shuttle (a little less than two inches point-to-point.)  I really had planned on sending the modified Christmas Snowflake 2010 that I posted about last week, but these were faster.

For some reason I've had a hard time getting into the spirit of Christmas this year.  I haven't decorated at all, neither inside nor outside or even at work.  Except for the snowflakes I haven't put out anything Christmas related (and they're just layin' around because I'm working on them).  I have been listening to Christmas music and enjoying it a lot, so it's not that I'm feeling like a Scrooge or a Grinch, I just haven't found the energy to decorate.  None of the family gatherings will be at our house this season so I'm guessing the decorations will stay in their boxes for another year.  

Decorations out or not I am very ready for Christmas to be here.

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