A busy time of year

Busy with lots of things but very, very little tatting.  There have been family dinners, cleaning in preparation for those dinners, a Christmas play, unexpected events.... It's just been very, very busy!

I didn't get as many snowflakes done as I would have liked, but the important people each got one.  A couple of gifts I had wanted to make will have to wait for another occasion as I ran out of time this year.  A few projects I wanted to do will have to wait as I didn't have as much time off from work as they said we would have.

But it was a wonderful Christmas!  We baked and decorated cookies with the grandchildren.  We played games that included everyone, from the great-grandparents to the youngest child.  We had a variety of foods that weren't 'traditional' Christmas dinner fare but were easy to prepare so time could be spent doing other things.  We sat and talked, reconnecting with family we seem too busy to see much of the rest of the year. For all that there was a lot of time planning and preparing we didn't let ourselves be too stressed about all that, for stress takes out a lot of the fun, doesn't it?

We even had a white Christmas this year.  Here in Kansas there is only about an 11% chance of that happening, so it isn't something you expect.  Of course, because we don't expect it this early and it wasn't just snow but ice as well,  not everyone could get out and about like we planned, either.  But it all came together anyway.

One of the few things beside snowflakes I did get done was this headband.

This was tatted on a white button then a sparkly jewel was added in the middle. I stitched it on the headband then added a bit of glue to give a little more hold. It was actually a birthday gift not a Christmas gift to a little girl who just loves purple.  It was a nice break from the snowflakes.

Now it's on to other things.  Though maybe I should start on the snowflakes a little earlier this year - like, now?

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

"Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas."
Peg Bracken

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