Travel tatting

We went to visit one of our daughters this weekend to celebrate one of the grandson's birthday.  Our other daughter and her son were also able to come up, which made for a great weekend!  All the grandkids together equals not much time for tatting, at least while we were there (I don't plan on it, either!).  We left on Friday evening, which meant in the dark as the sun now sets so early.  Almost five hours of driving time - in the dark.

I have a booklight, one of those that clip onto a book so you can read in bed or wherever in low light.
And the battery was dead.
But I did have a small, regular flashlight that worked just fine.  I just tucked it behind the seat belt across my chest. I had to re-aim it every little bit, but it put light where I needed it.

I didn't want to try following a pattern in those conditions so my best bet was something that I could do without a pattern.  What better than a bookmark?  A very basic cross bookmark is the result of our drive. 
I also emptied a few shuttles by making birds, butterflies and flowers.

We left earlier in the day Sunday to come home so I had light to tat by for a while and I still did simple things.  I got several snowflakes done, which I'll be putting on some items for the craft show that's coming up in a couple of weeks.  I might have pictures of those next week.

We had such fun this weekend. As our daughters live so far apart the cousins don't get to see each other often, but they got along great.  We'll have another chance to get all together in a few weeks for Thanksgiving.  I'm really looking forward to it!

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