At least my wine glasses are.

I've been doing a lot of tatting lately but not everything has come out like I'd like.  The wine glass charms are one thing that I think has come out well.   I showed them to my sister the other day when her son, who was there as well, said he thought they were pretty cool.  This surprised both his mother and I as he doesn't usually notice such things.  

He asked if he could take a picture of them to send to his girlfriend.  Hmmm, like I had to think very hard about that one. 

I've made sets of them in jewel tones and autumn colors, four colors in a set.  I'm thinking these will work very well for Christmas gifts this year.  A lot of the nieces and nephews are in college, or at least that age now, and wine glasses with wine glass charms would work well as gifts, don't you think?

They also make cute, easy earrings.  I still had some thread on my shuttle from the blue ones so made two more and put them on earring wires instead of the rings.  When I wore them to work the other day one lady said she definitely would like a pair.  I asked her what color she wanted.  

I made two sets using two different centers and let her choose.  

My sister and I are going to do a local craft show in a few weeks where I hope to sell some of these, too, both wine glass charm sets and earrings.  We thought business cards would be a good idea, in case there were any special orders.  We used to do several craft shows a year but haven't for quite a while now.  Lately we've been talking about trying to do a couple of local shows, just for fun.  We can't use the same name as we had before because we had a third person with us which fit the name, but it doesn't now.  Do you know how hard it can be to come up with a name we both like, fits what we do/may do and isn't already taken??

I have to thank Sharon and her Design-Tat class for the designs on our business cards.  We plan to print our own as we don't expect to need a lot, but they needed some graphics to be more than just words.  I looked online for free graphics that would fit our name/theme and couldn't find any I liked.  There are a lot of sewing ones out there, and a few tatting ones, but, but - not quite right.   So I made the graphics myself utilising the knowledge I learned in the Design Tat class as well as the software program that I now use for my tatting patterns   I think they came out pretty well if I do say so myself. 

One bad thing about making these are that they are very quick to tat.  How can that be a problem?   It means I'm hiding a lot of ends frequently.  I've taken to making the charms/earrings in batches then sewing in all the ends.  My fingers have gotten a little sore.  I've taken to using my little jewelry pliers to pull the needle through - very carefully.  I've already broken one needle. The good news is my fingers are not as sore!

"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes."  Oscar Wilde 

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