A little ingenuity

The craft show was last Saturday.  We didn't do too bad, though not as good as we'd hoped.  but all in all it was a fun day.

I did run into a few issues.  I've done craft shows before but I wasn't selling jewelry or anything attached to a card like I was this year.  There it was, Friday night, we've set up the tables and other displays in the show hall but not our sale items - we planned to put those out Saturday morning - when I realized I hadn't planned on how to display the earrings and wine glass charms.  I had spent time attaching them to cards but hadn't given a thought to what I was going to do with them after they were attached!

I start wandering around the house trying to think of what I had to hang them on, my mind a blank.  It was getting late and I was tired and getting a little frustrated.  I thought of putting several strands of wire in a picture frame but I would still have to prop or hold up the frame and that was the problem.  I figured I could lay out a few on the tables here and there but that wouldn't do for all of them.  

Then I had an idea.  Do you see it?  Can you guess what it is? (I know, the picture is pretty blurry)

Does this help you see my wire cooling rack?  And an ankle weight.

I found a wire display stand, like you would use to display a book or plate on a table top, but putting anything on it tall enough to display the earrings made it topple over.  So an ankle weight around the legs and covered with a piece of cloth, then the rack wired to the front legs of the stand.  A little garland around the top, and I had an earring display stand. 

Then I had another idea. 

There on the left back - it's a spool tree, to hold spools of thread.  I only used two sides but it did lift a few earrings up so they could be seen. 

My sister and I are talking about trying another show, maybe in the spring.  If/when we do, I'll have taken the time to come up with a little better display idea.  But they worked for this time.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge." Albert Einstein


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