Trial and Error

The green mess there in the front?  My attempts at adding a bead to the center of a ring. I watched Marilee's  video found on her blog, which is very clear and easy to follow, but mine look pretty sad.  This doesn't show all the rings I broke when trying to close them, just my semi-successful attempts.  I finally decided that if that wasn't working to try something else, namely trying it with split rings.  This is working much better.  Maybe when I get a little more comfortable with the technique I'll have better luck with the single-shuttle version. I can dream. 

Speaking of Marilee, have you seen her magnificent Nouveau necklace?  If you haven't seen it yet you really need to go check it out!

I've been working on the pattern for the latest version of barefoot sandals, trying to write out on paper what I did in thread.  My problem is habit -when I tat I don't think about what shuttle to use, as, this is shuttle #1 and this is shuttle #2, or even this is the pink and this the yellow, I just see which way I want the tatting to go and without thinking too much about it use the shuttle and technique to go that way. Which means when trying to write it out I'm totally lost on when to change shuttles.

I remember seeing how Fox used high-lighters to help her follow a pattern and thought I'd give it a try, too. I  loaded two empty shuttles with thread, added what I  hoped was enough beads and started trying to follow the pattern I jotted down, coloring the lines with the appropriate color as I went.  Coincidentally, the two high-lighters I happened to find were the same colors as my shuttles - how cool it that?   Now to consciously notice which shuttle I am using and mark the paper. So far it seems to be working well. I am, of course, correcting errors as I go and trying to note bead placement and use as well.  I don't often use beads and I think this is the first time I've made them an integral part of the pattern. Lots of new things to try documenting!

I was hoping to have the pattern done by today, but it didn't happen. I still have quite a ways to go.  I'm going to try hard to have it ready to post by next week, but it all depends on how much time I have to work on it. 

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I'm enjoying a cup of peach tea.  I'm going to make a second cup now that I'm done with this post and try to get some tatting done. I think I'm going to work on putting beads in the center of the ring again, take a break from the computer for a while.  The pattern work can wait just a little :-)

"I have failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed."
Michael Jordan

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