Another pair of Barefoot Sandles

Lacey's barefoot sandals

I had made a pair of barefoot sandals for one daughter for her birthday and the other daughter really liked them and wanted a pair, too.  As her birthday was coming up I decided a pair would be a good present for her as well so I got started.  Well, not really quite that fast.  There was that wedding present I had to get done, and the new techniques to learn from Sherry's book so it didn't really get started that right away. 

Actually, it took several weeks to start on another pair.  The first pair took a long time to make - has something to do with not sure where I was going with it and using lots of beads, which I don't do much of.  I had a thought that if I started with something in the middle I could tat around it and it wouldn't take as long.  Then the trick was finding something to put in the middle.  I also wanted to make them with size 10 thread and I don't seem to have much of that in my stash anymore.  

Not quite two weeks ago I went up to Omaha to visit this daughter and while there we did a little shopping, both at Hobby Lobby and at a place called Mengelsens, a large local crafty-type shop.  At Mengelsens I found some flower doodads that I thought would look great as a center but I didn't find any beads there that I liked.  But at Hobby Lobby I got lucky - they had beads for 50% off!  So I bought four bags of glass beads for the price of two - whoo hoo!

These are made with DMC #310 black thread in size 10 and 6/0 glass seed beads, an Amethyst mix. 
I did have to start over a couple of times when things didn't turn out the way I had in mind.  I've been told that designing on paper or the computer can save a lot of time and thread but I haven't gotten there yet, I still do best with thread and shuttle in my hands. After a couple of false starts I came up with something I'm happy with.  I'm not sure just how long they took to make - I keep forgetting to check the time! - but much faster than the first pair.  The only reason this matters it that I've been asked if I would make some more...

These are #4 of this round of the 25 Motif Challenge.

Today is a great Tatting Tea Tuesday - it's raining!!!!  And it's only 65 degrees F, almost cool.  It feels great outside!  They say we'll only get a little rain out of this but any rain is welcome.  It's been so dry here that everything is brown unless you water, which we don't except for the flowers and a couple of young trees.  Walking in my yard is like walking through straw, it both looks and feels like straw.  It's so wonderful to have the rain!


Raindrops are such funny things.
They haven't feet or haven't wings.
Yet they sail through the air,
With the greatest of ease,
And dance on the street,
Wherever they please."


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