Garage sale find

I don't go to many garage sales, but my mother does. She goes garage saling almost every weekend.  You never know what you're going to find at them - sometimes nothing worth bringing home, other times treasure!

(This picture was supposed to be landscape, but Blogger decided otherwise!)

My mother found the white shuttle in a box that was given away at the end of a sale because they didn't want to have to take it back in the house.  They may not have even known what it was.  

I put it beside a clover shuttle to show the size.  I should have put it next to a Boye shuttle (found one in my stash after I took the picture) as it's similar in shape and only about 1/4 inch shorter than a Boye. It's smooth and light. As you can see it is extremely over loaded with thread, which looks to be size 80 in a variegated white/pink. The tips are together at both ends, so the over-loading has not damaged it yet. I tatted a quick ring with it and found it to tat quite nicely.  There are no markings on it to indicate a brand.  I also don't think it is an antique.  But it is a really nice find! 

Thanks, Mom!

"A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff."  George Carlin

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