Harvest Time Tatting

Memorial Day, a day to remember those in the military who gave their lives for their country.  It's celebrated  every year on the last Monday in May. As it's a federal holiday all government offices, banks and some private businesses are closed, making it a three day weekend for a lot of people. 

Unfortunately, not for me or my husband. Not because we weren't supposed to have a three day weekend -  our company has Memorial Day as a paid holiday. But this year they have a lot of orders that need to be filled an not much time to do it, so everybody had to work Saturday.  And I, and a few (un)lucky others, had to work Sunday as well.  That left Memorial Day alone as my only day off.

The day was beautiful! The sky was blue, the breeze was mild, the temperature on the way to hot without being oppressive.  And I didn't even have to go anywhere for entertainment, of a sort.

 Memorial Day, 2012, a beautiful day in Kansas and 
the start of harvest around my neighborhood.  This is the view from my front yard.  

This was my front row seat to the harvesting of the wheat in the field next to our house. An iced drink, a nice chair, a great view and a bit of tatting.  Who could ask for more?

My tatting for the day was reviewing the pattern for this cross, checking it for mistakes before sharing it, by tatting it following said pattern.  (I did find a couple of mistakes which I had to correct)

Split Ring Cross © Wanda Salmans 

I made this cross with Lizbeth #601 Snow White in size 20.  I designed this cross several years ago and wrote down the pattern but just finished diagramming it. I have shared it on the Pages tab. 

We did make it to a few of the local cemeteries yesterday towards evening.  Even though Memorial Day is specifically to honor fallen military personnel it has traditionally expanded to remember all family and friends who have passed on as well.  We visited all the graves, those of our friends and family, whether military or not.  The cemeteries always look beautiful with all the flowers and flags on this day. Most military graves are decorated with an American flag, put out by volunteers and other veterans.  It's also interesting to see the dates on all the headstones, they can tell quite a story.  Even though it is a solemn occasion in many ways, it's  also a day of remembering the the sacrifices made as well as good times with those no longer with us.

"In many respects across this nation Memorial Day has become a time when families have a little quality time together. And I don't think those who died to defend this nation would begrudge families that quality time.  But Memorial Day is for the purpose of honoring those who died in service to the nation, so a moment of silence give us all an opportunity to remember them and what they stood (for) and what they died for."
Togo West

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