TIAS day 8

Jane Eborall posted Day 8 of her 2012 TIAS today.  I'm thinking it's looking like a goat, though with Jane you never know until the end!  Saturday when day 7 came up I had no guesses - until I was over on Miranda's blog and saw her day 7.  Looking at hers it suddenly looked like a goat, or at least the back end of one.  

(from http://www.supercoloring.com)
Then with Day 8 I'm seeing horns!

I've gotten a little bit of tatting done recently, some I'm not quite ready to share,  but here are the ones that I'm ready to.  

 I made this cute little bell from a free pattern that yarnplayer has available.  It really isn't hard and turns out very nice. Mine bowed just a little from the size of my picots I think, but it's a bell, and hanging on a Christmas tree it wouldn't be out of place and not nearly as noticeable as it is laying flat. 

I was given "Tatted Snowflakes Collection" by Jon Yusoff for Christmas. I just recently took the time to make one.  I first spent some time looking through the patterns, enjoying Jon's lovely work. The one I decided to try first was 'The Twirly', #14.  I did make a mistake on one chain, adding one extra repeat of picot and doublestitches - oops.  Much as I like this colorway, I don't think that Lizbeth "Caribbean" does this pattern justice. Blogger has done a twisty on the picture - originally the words were on the bottom!

Today for Tatting Tea Tuesday I enjoyed a cup of Teavana tea, 'Weight to Go & Sakura Allure'.  I was fortunate to have Tabatha gift me a sampling of several teas recently.  A couple of days ago I had 'My Morning Mate'.  Both have been very good.  I have several more to try - yum!

"Don't approach a goat from the front, a horse from the back, or a fool from any side." 
Yiddish proverb

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