Tatting for little boys

I have two grandsons and have been thinking of things to tat for them.  Little girls are easier I think.  You can do things for their hair, their dresses, their socks (Fox has done some really cute ones), all kinds of things.  But boys aren't usually into the frilly things, and my grandsons aren't old enough to really appreciate bookmarks.  I've thought of several things, like pillow cases with critters on them (haven't done one yet) and maybe things to hang on the wall (haven't done that yet, either).  One thing I was going to do for Christmas but didn't have time for I have finally gotten around to: insulated cups.

This is "Paprika the Dragon" by Martha Ess, in Lizbeth #122, Caribbean,  in size 20.  There is one opaque black 8/0 bead and 12 opaque rainbow 10/0 beads.  The cup/glass is one that you can decorate an insert for. I don't remember where I picked this one up at, but Hobby Lobby and Micheal's have carried ones similar to it. 

The flowers, bird and butterfly were made when finishing off shuttles and are a mixture of threads.  I have a baggy (and a few other containers here and there) full of things like this that are great for putting on cards and letters.  And now, cups! Tatting Paprika was fun and didn't take much time.

Here is the insert before I put it in the cup.

I was very pleased at how this came out. I gave this to one of my grandsons the other day and understand that it has been well used already.  He hasn't drank out of anything else since he got it.  He says his "grandma made it and it has a dragon and flowers on it."
Now I need to make one for the other grandson. 

I'm calling this #24 of my second 25 Motif Challenge.  I keep forgetting when I make something to count them!  

Let's not forget the TIAS!  

This is Day 5. I have no idea what it could be.  Day 6 will be out Wednesday (Jan 25), maybe that will help in figuring out what it might be. 

"Boys are found everywhere on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from, running around or jumping to.  Mothers love them, little girls hate them, older sisters and brothers tolerate them, adults ignore them and Heaven protects them." 
Alan Beck 

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