Where were you when the earth moved?

Align CenterDid you feel the earth move under your feet today?
If you were anywhere on the east coast today you might have. Most of you have probably already heard about the Virginia (USA) earthquake that happened today. IsDihara lives in Virginia, and she says she's okay. If you'd like to read her experience today check out her blog here. I hope that everyone else out in tat-land are okay and not too shook up.

Did you know there was one in Colorado (USA) late last night as well? I don't know anyone personally that felt it, but on the news tonight they spoke to a woman in Hutchinson, Kansas, that said she felt it. That's an earthquake over 400 miles away. I guess she noticed because she was awake at 1:15 AM local time, and was on the fifth floor of an apartment building. As there aren't many buildings that tall around here, she was one of the few people that had the right conditions to notice. I personally slept right through it :)

This Tatting Tea Tuesday evening I had a wonderful glass of iced tea, which really hit the spot. We had record-breaking temperatures today, 109 deg. F. I can do without breaking anymore records like that! I'm really looking forward to fall weather. I didn't get any tatting done, though *sigh* I had to do some work around the house instead. We ran out clean plates (and glasses and cups and....)

I did get a little tatting done over the last week, a few more snowflakes. And I think I'm getting carried away with those beads.

"We learn geology the morning after the earthquake"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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