A hot Tatting Tea Tuesday

This morning I enjoyed a lovely glass if sweet iced tea, Black Cherry Berry flavored - very yummy! I hadn't been sure I'd like it iced but I'm very sure I like it now! Yes, the picture shows a cup of tea not a glass but I wanted to show the pretty cup:-) The doily is one I made quite a few years ago, and sad to say I have only a vague idea where I got the pattern.

The little book "Get Well Tea" I picked up on my vacation in Branson, Missouri. I found it in the back room of an antique/flea market that my sister and I visited on our way out of town. The author is J.C. McCracken, the owner/innkeeper of the Inn at Fall Creek, Branson, Mo., at least as of 1996 when the book was published. This little book has a brief history of tea, a little about the hummingbird and a few recipes for "Get Well Tea.." I'm really going to have to try a few of these, they sound very yummy, though I'm not sure they would all taste good if your tummy wasn't feeling to well. But being unwell doesn't always involve the tummy, does it?

I've done some tatting this week, I just don't have any I'm quite ready to share yet. I've also spent a lot of time on the computer (not surfing, though), working on diagramming patterns. I've noticed lately looking at the stats of my blog that a lot of people are looking at the pattern I posted for the Christmas bell ornament from this post, so I diagrammed it and have it in the right sidebar. I spent my day Saturday doing this instead of all the cleaning I should have been doing, isn't that sad? And, yes, it took more hours than I planned; I have a ways to go before I'll be quick at it.

As you might guess from the title of this post it's been rather hot here in Kansas. It was mentioned on a local TV station that the average high temperature for this July was 103 deg. F (39 deg. C), which makes it a pretty hot month. The average temperature is 90 deg. F but we haven't had a day under 93 deg all month. And August is usually pretty hot as well. Today is a good example of how hot it is here: at 7:00 PM CDT it was 110 deg. F (43 deg. C). There have been several records set for the heat this year - these are records I would prefer not have broken! I'm ready for cooler weather.

"Whether the weather be fine,

Whether the weather be not,

Whether the weather be cold,

Whether the weather be hot,

We'll weather the weather,

Whatever the whether,

Whether we like it or not."

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