Bookmark is done!

I'm finally done with my Trial and Error bookmark. It actually turned out better than I thought it would. Blocking helped a lot. There are a couple of things that made it into this bookmark I'll probably try on other projects later on. It could be better proportioned for a better over-all look, but as my boss pointed out "put it in a book and I bet it will mark your place just fine."

My sister's birthday is coming up very soon. I have been talking about making her a runner for a side table she has for several years but have never even gotten started on it. So this year I am determined to get it done! The plan was to actually have it completed by her birthday. I thought about the colors of the living room and chose a couple of colors that I thought would work, Lizbeth 654, Navy Blue and 655, Wedgwood Lt in size 20. I got started on it and decided to get the actual dementions to finish it in a day or so.

Okay, these colors would have been great - in her other house. She recently moved and is painting her livingroom in shades of green.

She loaned me the paint chips of the colors she's going to use so I could find out which thread colors would work. Lizbeth 686 and 688, Seagreen Lt and Dk are almost exactly the colors her livingroom is going to be. That meant I had to order thread. Of course, I had to order more than those two colors, right? I've ordered several more colors, including the Peacock Blue that Isdahara suggested to Handy Hands. This does mean, though, that her gift won't be done in time for her birthday. But it will be done shortly after the thread arrives, really!
Blogger issues
It was commented on by several readers that the end of my post from February 15th was not readable - well, Kathy said it was in Wingdings! I've looked back in the edits of this post and can't see any change in the font, so I don't know how to correct it. Kathy copied it into a text program and changed the font so she was able to read it. If anyone else has that problem let me know. In future posts I guess I can delete and right it over and see if that helps.
I think I have a visitor but I haven't gotten a good look yet. Jarek has assured me that Ryan will come out and meet me soon but wants to investigate the house first. I did get a glimpse of a glimmering tail in my philodendron this morning, but that was all. I guess I'll have to have a little patience.

"If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon"

"Meddle not in the affairs of the dragon; for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."

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