TTT, March 9, 2010 and the weather

I had a wonderful picture for today. I had chosen the best picture of the several I'd taken, with everything showing up well and the lighting right. I had my cup of tea ready and had already taken a few minutes to tat. I was all set to have a nice TTT post.

And every time I upload the picture to Blogger it's rotated 90 degrees!

In every program I look at the picture it is showing correctly which side is up and which side is down. But every time I upload it to Blogger - Boom! - it's sitting side ways!

I've been playing with it, trying to get the picture right, but it's just not happening. I might just end up taking another picture and starting from scratch.

Unfortunately, I can't do that until I get home again after work. So no picture today : (

The good news is that it's looking like I will have a little more time for tatting. At least in theory. They've cut back on all the over time, at least for a little while. So I should have a little more time to do stuff I want to do, including tatting. I'm hoping to have a little more energy for a lot of things. And we have a lot of things we've let slide at home because of the over time. Of course, it's also beginning to feel like spring here, so we'll probably end up with a lot more things on our "to do" list.

On the weather front we've had a bit of spring-like weather, you know, spring rains. It's also Severe Weather Awareness Week here in Kansas. This is to remind people to be prepared in case of severe weather - including tornadoes. They (the state of Kansas) were planning a state wide tornado drill today but because of the cloudy skies and rain it has been postponed until Thursday. They don't want to alarm people by having the sirens go off when there is no threat but the weather is such as it could be. This drill includes having the local warning sirens go off and the All-Weather Radio and the Emergency Alert System activated to signal the start of the drill. Everyone is supposed to treat the drill as if an actual tornado was imminent. Also to be in readiness for other severe weather such as flash floods, large hail and damaging winds.

Where I work we do the drill and everyone goes to the closest weather shelter in whichever building you are working in. They'll do it when the sirens go off on Thursday, about 1:30 PM, and then again with second shift later in the evening, though there won't be the city sirens for that one. We have a lot of turn-over of people, so there will be some who wouldn't know where to go if we didn't do this. There are signs showing where to go, but it's not the same as actually going to it. We've had to go to the shelters for real several times in the last few years, but fortunately for us we were never hit during those times.

If anyone is interested in some Kansas weather statistics this has some interesting information in it. Even if you don't live in Kansas, it has information of what should go into emergency kits for your home. Every location has some sort of hazard to be prepare for.

I'm looking forward to spring, for warmer weather and sunshine. I'm betting most of you in the northern hemisphere are, too. Of course, winter isn't officially over yet, so the weather could get cold again, but I'm hoping not. But I'll have to take what the Lord sends us.

I hope to have my picture problem figured out by next week. One way or the other!

May you all have a great week!

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