Tatting Tea Tuesday in Kansas City

Monday I took my mother to Kansas City for surgery that was scheduled for this morning. There was a lot of time spent in waiting rooms today. During which time I was mostly tatting.  I'm probably going to regret it tomorrow as I didn't take very many breaks. But I did get a lot done. And had a couple of cups of tea while I was at it.

What I spent my time on was a technique that was  mentioned on InTatters the other day. I saw a thread about using the Larks Head Picot Join as described by Lily Morales. Patty D had some great pictures she shared about when to use it and put up a link to the directions. 

Now I have been using a lot of variageted thread lately which leads to joins that either look wrong or have a spec of the wrong color showing.  Not liking the look much, I definitely had to try this out.

For my practice piece I chose to do the heart in "The Gentle Art of Tatting Pattern Book 1" by Patricia A. Rizzo.  It's a book of easy pieces, but I thought this would be a great pattern, not having to think too much about the pattern so I could concentrate on the technique.  I made it in "Falling Leaves" Lizbeth thread in size 20.  Isn't it a pretty color?

I did get the idea of the LHPJ pretty quickly, but doing it consistantly was not so easy.  One time I would get it, the next time I'd pull the wrong threads and just tie a hard-to-get-out knot.  I think I'm getting better - at least until the next time I try it!

I'm going to count this heart as the first motif of my second round of the 25 Motif Challenge, because it definately was a challenge!