The good and the not-so-good.

This week has had it's good moments and it's bad. Let's start with the good. I won Isdihara's Fractured Quotes: "Knot-TEA" Parody & GIVEAWAY! This was a lot of fun to enter. She asked that you write a 'fractured' quote about tatting and tea, based on a quote, to enter. I wrote a couple, not necessarily that good but they were fun to come up with.

Now for the not-so-good. I've worked on several pieces this week. And none of them have turned out like I planned. The above is one of them. Can anyone see what's wrong with the unfinished piece on the right?

The problem started because I started the piece with a different size thread than I've used before. In the past I've made it with size 10 but this time I thought I'd use the size 20 Lizbeth I just bought. Nothing wrong with that - I knew it would be a little smaller. And I added another ring to make it bigger. One ring. That doesn't work with the rows that follow. So, I had to start it over. **sigh**

I also was going to make a cross bookmark for friend. I probably still will, but I mis-counted the repeats in the long arm and made it too short. **sigh** There should still be enough thread on the shuttle to start over.

I think I just need to slow down a little, sip a little tea, and do it right the first time!

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