Tatting Tea Tuesday September 8, 2009

It's Tatting Tea Tuesday again. Today I'm working on snowflakes.

All of these snowflakes are my patterns, the two smallest ones are from a design made last week.

All of these are made with DMC Cordonnet Special white in size 30. I'm planning on doing a few in colors as well, but I'm doing the ones I know people expect first - you know, white. But they do look good in white.
I found some bangle bracelets in gold and in silver. I thought I'd try putting some tatting in a few. I'm not much on working with beads but I might even try a few with beads - maybe. I'm sure they would really be eye-catching, I'm just a little lazy. You'll see them if I do any.
Now, back to the white thread and more snowflakes.

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