Tatting Tea Tuesday Sept. 29,2009

I'm sitting here with my feet up with a cup of tea realizing I have no pictures for today :( I'm tatting something a little bigger than the snowflakes and bookmarks I've been doing the last several weeks and have not taken pictures of it yet.

I enjoy Tatting Tea Tuesdays, sharing a few moments of tatting with others who may also be having a cup of tea while they are tatting somewhere in the world. Not quite the same as being in the same place, but still a feeling of belonging. Kind of a virtual tea party.

I happened across a site this week about having tea parties. We're talking proper tea parties where you dress up and have fancy cups and saucers and everything. Some of these sound like fun - a lot of work, though. They are like our communi-tea in that after your tea party you share it online with others. If you're interested in learning about how to give a fancy tea party check out
Sandy's Tea Society. She even has books on how to do it right.

One day, if we ever get our house updated like we want, this might be fun. Until then, I'll stick with our Tatting Tea Tuesdays - I get to have my feet up and I don't have to clean the house!

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