Tatting Tea Tuesday

I'm back! but I have very little to show for the last week or so. Our daughter and grandson stayed a few extra days more than planned - which was wonderful by the way! I didn't get much done tatting-wise, but that's okay. Much better to visit with them while they're here, I'll have time to tat later.

I did get a little bit done, stress on the "little". I finished this up this morning with a cup of *hmm* coffee while the grandson took a little nap.

This is supposed to be a horseshoe. To go along with the horse head I've made. Well, not quite with the one that's already made as the colors don't go together very well. But I'm thinking on a card or bookmark with a horse-y theme. This horseshoe isn't quite right, but I was not exactly focused the whole time I was making it. It looks more like a "U" than a shoe, but I think I can fix that the next time around. And thought it's not perfect I think I'll have this as my #22 in the 25 Motif Challenge.

Well, that's it, the entire extent of my tatting over the last week or so. Maybe I'll have something more by next week.

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