Coasters for Tatting Tea Tuesday

The coasters are done! Okay, a day late. But I wasn't going to be able to give them to my daughter until later in the week, so I was safe!
I think they came out pretty good. They were made with Handy Hands Lizbeth thread size 20 in varigated green #144 and dark red # 670. I'm calling this #21 of my 25 Motif Challenge.

It's amazing how the varied color combinations make them each look so different, don't you think?

I was going to set my cup of tea on one for a visual of their use, but it didn't work out. I ran out of time.

For anyone that's interested, here's the pattern. WARNING: there may be mistakes lurking. Tat at your own risk.

Shay's Birthday Coasters

Round 1 2 shuttles Make all picots small, for joining only

Sht1 R 6-6. R 6-6. RW Ch 9 DNRW Sht2 R 6-6 DNRW Sht1 Ch 9 RW

*Sht1 6+6 to p of prev R. R 6-6. RW Ch 9 DNRW Sht2 R 6-6. DNRW Sht1 Ch 9 RW*

Repeat between * 8 times, last time join last R to first R. Cut, finish ends as desired.

Round 2 Shuttle and ball. Joining picots indicated as j, others longer as desired.

R 6+6 to any Sht2 R of prev round. RW. Ch 10 RW. R 2-2-2-2j-8 RW

Ch 6-2--2-2+ to 4th p of prev R Ch10 RW.

Repeat from beginning of round 2 all the way around, join to base of first R. Cut, finish ends as desired.

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