Booties are done - at least the tatting is!

I finally finished the fourth bootie! And it's not even needed until next weekend!

One set is just a little bit bigger than the other, as one grandson is three months old and the other is barely 4 weeks old. I made one a little bigger by just making the picots longer. It's no wonder making booties can be a problem, if the size of the picots changes the length by enough to be that noticeable! We're going up to see my daughter in Omaha this weekend and I'll find out if the larger set is going to work or not.

I still have to cut off all the tail ends and block them a bit. I also haven't got ribbon to tie them with. But I'm very excited that they're done this far. Wooo hooo!

Okay, I don't have pictures of the sets yet, but I will get some posted soon. And I plan on getting several pictures of the boys wearing them in a couple of weeks, of course :)

Now I can get on with some other tatting I've been wanting to do. Not that I didn't want to do these, they just take awhile. I usually do projects that are much less time consuming.

So, on to the finishing touches - cutting all those tails!

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