25 motif challenge #1 & #2

The last few days I've been working on items for Christmas. Or rather, I've been arguing with tatting for Christmas. I had several ideas and some didn't want to work. I spent almost all of Saturday trying to come up with one short edging and one small snowflake. I finally conquered both, basically because I went very simple. But I got done what I wanted. The other snowflakes went much better. The edging hasn't been added to the hanging yet, so I'll post it when it's done.

The snowflakes are done in size 30 DMC Cebelia. The bell is done in size 10 DMC Cebelia. All the patterns are mine - the little one is not very elaborate so I'm sure that others have come up with the same thing.

I'm entering the two large snowflakes in the 25 motif challenge. And the countdown begins...