Yesterday I went to a shop in Wichita called 'Heritage Hut' where I go to get thread sometimes. It's a nice place, mostly for weaving, knitting and crochet with lots of unique yarns and has DMC thread in size 80, 8, and almost all the DMC colors of Cebelia size 10,20 and 30. The owner doesn't tat but she has a woman come in Saturday mornings to give a tatting class, starting with beginners but answering questions from more experienced people as well. It's a really nice shop. She also has lots of tatting books, that you can actually pick up and look through, or drool over as the case may be. There are also several choices of shuttles, Tatsy, Clover, Boye, Aero, as well as tatting needles, doilies with the holes in the edge for edgings and other miscellaneous supplies.

Most days you are greeted at the door by Big Daddy, a Great Dane. He's very friendly, comes to see if you would like to give him some attention. He has the run of the shop and will leave you alone when you're done petting him or you would rather he goes away. Another dog, a half-grown Irish wolf hound puppy, is usually behind the counter because she hasn't learned how to behave yet. Her name is Maggie. As I like dogs, I get a big kick of going into the shop to see them as well as check out any new stuff that might be there.

Mary, the owner, enjoys seeing what you are working on. I showed her my little doily with beads that I just completed. For not being a tatter she pays attention to the classes enough she had some very good questions about it. It made my day to have a chance to get more thread, share my tatting and visit the dogs.