International Tatting Day 2016

I had a lot of fun today celebrating International Tatting Day. 

Becky, Sherry, and me at Montana Mike's Steakhouse
( I should have moved over with the others so the window wasn't directly behind us)
Had lunch with two ladies that are my students.  We get together once a month to tat and this month it was in public with tatting and chocolate.  I brought Hershey's kisses in several varieties, something for everyone.

Becky and Sherry

I put the tatted buttons I've been working on in a teacup. The other teacup has the chocolate.  I also had a candy bowl with several shuttles wound with a yard of size 10 red thread and card stock wrapped with 2 yards of size 10 white thread.  These were to be given away if anyone was interested in trying and wanted them.  I demonstrated for one interested person but she didn't take a shuttle.  We had several people stop and ask questions about what we were doing and were very impressed.  No-one turned down the buttons when offered one. 

Sherry was having a little trouble and Becky helped her out.  Nothing ensures you know what your doing as much as having to demonstrate and help someone else. 

I  think I gave out about 10 buttons while we were out today.  At work I gave out the other 15 I had, along with a Hershey kiss. 

I guess I need to make more buttons :-)

I hope all of you enjoyed International Tatting Day where-ever you were.  

Keep Calm
Tat On

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