Tatting Class

Back in July I mentioned that I was going to have a tatting class.  The tatting class consisted of three local ladies, two whom I have known since our children were young.  I was pretty excited to have people interested in a class and that they were local. 

We had our first session in July, then had to have a bit longer of a break before our next lesson than any of us wanted due to personal obligations for all of us.  But we finally had another class and then another.  Then we decided we would just try to meet up at least once a month to get together and tat.

How cool is that?

Tatting class in July
Carla, Becky, and Sherry

Tatting class in August

It is so fun getting together with these ladies.  We are laughing almost the entire time.  A couple of them have started the same project of a simple heart pattern.  Each are progressing at a different pace but are making progress, they just need to keep practicing. As they learn and practice tatting I'm learning and practicing how better to pass on my tatting knowledge.  We're all having a great time learning.

Next month we'll be meeting at my house.  At the last meeting we started talking about coming up with a name for our tatting group.  Any suggestions?

"It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment."
Carl Friedrich Gauss