The opposite of small

I had several ladies recently ask me about teaching them to tat. **happy dance** We set up a date and I started organizing things that I use to teach with.  

I still have a lot of the Boye shuttles from the bag of seconds I bought a while ago.  While watching TV over the course of a few days I sanded three down then decorated them a bit.  They weren't very elaborate or really all that pretty but each was unique.  I also wrapped cardboard pieces with two colors of size 5 thread for the students.  I like my students to be able to really see what they are doing before going to smaller thread.  I had the thread already so I didn't have to buy a large thread though I rarely work in this size.

One of my teaching tools is a large example of tatting to make it easy to see the construction of the knots.  Somehow since the last time I had a class I lost my piece of tatted cord.  Even the balls of cord are missing.  I found some 3/16 inch twisted poly rope at Wal-mart in pretty colors that I thought would work. 

It worked out well - other than being nylon and hard to keep the knots in place as they were made.

Working with such large 'thread' creates several issues, the foremost is how you can manipulate the shuttle around the thread.  My usual working space between first and second fingers is a bit small for the 'shuttles' carrying the cord so an alternative had to be devised.  In the past I've asked my husband for a bit of help but he wasn't available at the right time so I had to make do with something else. 

My foot worked.

It was kind of awkward but got easier as I worked.

The first class was this last Wednesday.  All three ladies were doing well making the double stitch.  It will be a couple of weeks before we have the second class due to vacation schedules (not mine this time!) but all of us are looking forward to it.

Now back to using thread that's a little smaller...

"Aim high. You may still miss your target but at least you won't shoot your foot off."
Lois McMaster Bujold

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