My husband and I flew to Seattle a day before the cruise so we could see a few of the sights there. We had never been there before and it is a lot different from any city we have been to.  Here are a few pictures (of the many we took) of what we did that day.  (There are no tatting pictures today.)

We were told the least expensive way to get to town was to ride the hotel shuttle back to the airport then take the Light Rail.  This is one of the light rail stations, We rode to Westlake, which meant we rode from one end of the rail to the other.  From this station it is an easy walk to Pike's Place and the fish market. This is early in the day, later there will be lots and lots of people here.

I'm standing outside the original Starbucks in Pike Place (in the purple jacket).  This was as close as we could get at the time.  There was an acoustic group right outside singing to a large crowd and later there wasn't such a crowd on the outside but still very full inside. 

This is the bar in Doc Maynard's Public House in Pioneer Square.  This is the start of Bill Speidel's Underground Tour.  If you ever get to Seattle and like history at all I recommend you go on this tour.  They share some fun facts and sights of the original Seattle.  Why is it an underground tour you ask?  Some of Seattle used to be a lot closer to sea level than it is now.  The tour tells you how and why it's not anymore.  You hear a lot about plumbing, which we don't think about much when it works, but when it doesn't - well, it becomes very important! 

This is another bar in the tour in the underground that was utilized again during prohibition. 

My husband in the underground.  There is a lot of junk down there from the 1949 earthquake. They thought it was a good place to get rid of debris. 

This is Rose, our tour guide, trying to make herself heard while waiting at a traffic light.  In the back on the left is the pergola that was built for the 1909 World's Fair.  The entire tour takes about 75 minutes with a lot of walking but it is all in a few blocks of the start.

Rose answering questions after the tour in the gift shop. 

This is the ladies room in the gift shop.  Isn't it beautiful?

Decoration in the ladies room.  If you go on the tour you'll understand the connection :-)

We took the mono rail from Westlake center to the Seattle Center where the Space Needle is located.  The mono rail, which was built for the 1962 World's Fair, only runs between the two stations and is a cheap way to get there.  I didn't realize what all was by the Needle - lots and lots of things, mostly aimed at kids.

There were a lot of street entertainers working for tips, mostly music of some kind, playing and or singing.  But there were a few other enterprising people doing other things  The stormtrooper is a live person but Darth Vader is not.  They were letting people take their pictures with them, for tips of course.

One of the things we didn't find in Seattle was rainy weather.  We had been warned it would be wet at least, but it was pretty while we were there.  

We took the light rail back to the airport then the hotel shuttle back to the hotel.  While at the airport we actually met the rest of the family, who had just arrived.  It was an enjoyable day though there were a lot of things we didn't have time to see  I wouldn't be opposed to going back some day. 

Even if they have the kind of weather we've heard about.

What's the definition of a Seattle optimist?
A guy with a sun visor on his rain hat.

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