Let it snow!

I've been doing a lot of snowflakes lately.  I did quite a few that I knew I was taking to the craft show a couple of weeks ago, but now the show is over I've started making them for family and friends.  

A few of the snowflakes I made for the craft show

Some of these are patterns from previous years but seven (?) were made up this year, usually while
watching TV. Sometimes there was a plan when I started tatting, other times the shuttle went where it wanted.  Some started out going one way but took off on a tangent and ended up differently than planned (the one with four points, lower left corner, as an example). There are some that are not, strictly speaking, snowflakes, as they do not have six points, but done in white and hanging from a tree they give the impression of snowflakes.  Or at least look pretty.  

Every year I try to make one snowflake that will go in the Christmas cards.  This year there are a couple of versions of the same basic pattern.

The original version of this year's snowflake, Sydney

The second version, with a slightly different pattern and different center

It's amazing how small changes can make such a difference, isn't it?
I've added the pattern for Sydney on my patterns page.

Snowflakes sold well at the craft show; I had quite a few and they were displayed well on the tree.  I didn't put out any of my tatted earrings.  I didn't have very many made up even though most are pretty simple patterns.  As there weren't many and I was running out of setup time I didn't worry about putting them out.  But I did wear a pair.  One lady was at our booth early without buying anything but came back later to talk tatting and other things.  She had noticed my earrings and asked if I had any for sale so I pulled out what I had and she found a pair she liked.  It's not often I sell something I don't even have out at a show!

Snowflakes and earrings: sometimes things unplanned turn out well

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." Jimmy Dean

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